The Employment Service

The Employment Service is Sweden’s largest provider of jobs. To bring together employers with job seekers is our main task. We are where the needs are, across the country. All our services are free of charge.


We map Sweden, demarcate boundaries and help guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. You can get more information and documentation on Sweden’s geography and real properties from us..

Lantmäteriet also has a national coordination responsibility for geodata. The goal of the work is to, along with other actors in society, provide a national infrastructure for geodata.

The Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA produce knowledge and input used to develop our own and other parties environmental activities. We also have coordinate, monitor and evaluate the work of the national environmental goals. We are responsible for and finances a large amount of environmental data in Sweden. We are the authority in Sweden, which has an overview of how the environment is doing and how the environmental work is progressing.

The Central Bureau of Statistics

The Central Bureau of Statistics is responsible for official statistics and other government statistics. This means that we develop, produce and spread national statistics and also coordinate the national statistical system. Our primary mission is to supply customers with statistics for decision making, debate and research. Our site provides statistics in a number of areas such as population, labor market, public finances, living conditions and prices.

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

SMHI works information related to air, water, weather, environment and climate. We develop decisions support for both the general public, authorities, researchers and industry. Our professionals work in such areas as Energy, Environment, Transport and the Civil Contingencies Agency. We have a total of 650 employees, including 100 researchers.

The Geological Survey of Sweden

The survey is an expert authority on questions concerning bedrock, soil and groundwater in Sweden. We investigate, document and inform about the geology of Sweden. Our professionals have expertise in geology, chemistry, physics, IT and many other areas. To Hack for Sweden we offer data on ores, minerals and mining, groundwater and environmental monitoring.