Our partners is our foundation. Our partners is what makes us a force for good in society to be reckoned with. As a partner of Hack for Sweden you have 2 options:

  • Cooperating Partner
  • Event Partner

As a cooperating partner, you participate in our yearly hackathon as an organization who provides open data. You are present in our exhibition, with an exhibition area exclusively for your organization, during the entire event. During Hack for Sweden 2019 you will have free access for up to 5 people from your organization to participate in the partner track with interesting keynotes, workshops and lectures on topics related to open data and digitalization. You also have year-round access to our Community and can participate in all activities for free, i.e. meetups and workshops etc. that takes place during the entire year. You also have access to our Slack channel for our partners. This level is 35.000SEK per year, although for all new partners the rest of 2018 is free of charge.

As an event partner you participate in our yearly hackathon and can be present in our exhibition area during the event if you wish. Your organization supports the Hack for Sweden hackathon and the movement for creating good in society with the tool of open data, but you don’t supply Hack for Sweden with open data. This level is free of charge.

Interessted in becoming a partner? Contact us through the form below.

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