The Competition

Hack for Sweden is a competition where the participants solve societal challenges with the help of open data over the course of 48 intense hours. Hack for Sweden is also a unique collaboration among 30 government agencies and organizations that want to enable the development of new services and products using their official open data.

The target groups for Hack for Sweden are students, developers, data journalists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The competition was first held in March 2014. The next event will take place in 2018 during the weekend of April 13 to 15, at Norrsken House in Stockholm.

The challenges for the participants of Hack for Sweden 2018 is still to be announced. You may find the 6 differente categories on the Challenge tab. The challenges in each category will be announced prior to the hackathon.

A jury will select the winners and the coveted price Hack for Sweden Award is given to the team or the participant who best combines data in a creative way and produces the best and most innovative solution or concept that demonstrates the benefits of open government data. Prices will also be awarded in other categories that soon will be announced.

To participate in the Hack for Sweden 2018 you have to register yourself or a team of up to 8 people. The registration will open the 28th of February and stay open for one month. There will be several of different categories to compete in and several different challenges to solve, your main tool will be open data.

Logistics You may spend the night in the facility, just bring your own sleepingbag. All meals will be provided, including drinks and snacks.

Open Data & Open Source

Hack for Sweden strives to demonstrate the benefits of open data. Through addressing challenges in our society, innovative solutions, and concepts are being developed with the use of open data.

Open Data

Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone. Over 30 government agencies contribute to Hack for Sweden with open data. Open datasets are commonly listed at https://oppnadata.se. Examples of open data can be weather data, space data, traffic data and plenty more.Through open and data-driven innovation, more and more people can contribute to increased growth, participation and efficiency to digital welfare benefiting our society in several ways.

Open Source

Open source software is source code that is licensed to be open for anyone to reuse and develop. Open source promotes collaboration and sharing through permitting other people to make modifications and incorporate those changes into their own projects. Several different types of licenses exist for open source depending on what degree of permission you want to allow. On the following link, you may read more about what license to pick https://choosealicense.com

Game Rules


Every team and individual must register in advance, the registration will open the 28th of February and will close on March 28th. The amount of participants is limited so make sure to register early. Participation will be administered on a first come first serve basis, according to the Swedish concept "först till kvarn"!


Who can participate

The competition is free of charge and open for everyone. One can participate as an individual or as a team. Every team is allowed to have a maximum of 8 participants. Individuals can only participate in one team. Employees from participating government agencies and organizations can take part in the competition, including teams comprising of participants who are employed at any of the participating government agencies and organizations.


Data sources

Some of the data sources available for use are listed on https://oppnadata.se. Additional data sources are available and will be announced prior to the hackathon. The process of making new data accessible is continuous, thus new data may be added up to the start of the competition.

The challenge for contestants is to make use of open data from government agencies (possibly combined with other data sources) in new solutions that create increased value in society. A solution can comprise of a working technical solution, a prototype or a concept. The challenge for the government agencies is to spread and practically show the value with their open data.



To be evaluated by the jury and participate in the competition, one has to work on one of the assigned challenges or the "open path", use at least one of the available data sources and make the entry open source.

Categories and Jury criteria

Each entry will be considered for all the five categories:

  • The Hack for Sweden Award, will be given to the team that combines data in a creative way and creates the most innovative application or service that clearly shows the possibilities with open data from government agencies.

  • Best visualization/data analysis, with the help of data illustrate a complex reality in a new way that is easy to understand.

  • Best use of deep tech, new technologies can address the ever-evolving societal challenges that we face today. The prize will be awarded to the best showcased innovative use of new technology that brings us a step closer to the solution of a defined societal challenge.

  • Best benefit for the public, create a benefit for the public and drive social development in a sustainable direction.

  • Participants' Choice Award Contestants will vote for the best team or solution participating in the competition.

All the submitted entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria (scale 1-9):

    - Comprehensibility

    - Realisability

    - Benefit for society

    - Level of Innovativeness

    - Return on value



All 5 winning entries will receive 40.000 SEK in prize money, and a potential place in an innovation hub or co-working space. To collect the prize the team must deliver a plan for realization of the idea. If the team that submitted the winning idea does not want to continue working with it, someone else may produce a realization plan and collect the prize money. This means that the prize money will follow the idea, i.e. it is the idea that wins the prizemoney!


Government FAQ

Action Points Particpating agencies

  • Make your data available on www.oppnadata.se with the keyword H4S-18. Read more under "Open Data"
  • All Goverment agency representatives planning to be on site have to sign up at https://h4sgov.confetti.events/ Read more under "Participating & Communication
  • Open space topics need to be submitted to info@hackforsweden.se no later than April 3rd.
  • For partaking in filmed interviews on April 14th, email info@hackforswden.se no later than April 3rd.

Open Data

All data sources that will be used during the hackathon will be listed at oppnadata.se Each participating agency needs to make sure their own data will be listed on the site. Previously, only datasets in the standard DCATAP were able to be added to oppnadata.se. The weekend of 13-15 April, there will be an exception and the participating agencies may upload their data in any format. You only need a title, a description and use the keyword H4S-18. A workshop will be held to assist in this process. Please do one of the folling:

  • If your data already exist on oppnadata.se --> add the tag/keyword H4S-18. If you do not know who to contact regarding this, email Sanja.Halling@riksarkivet.se and she will let you know who is responsible for your agency.
  • If you do not have your data on oppnadata.se --> Create an account, upload your data with the tag H4S-18. The standard DCATAP is not required.
  • If you need assistance in this process, sign up for the workshop the 27/3 by sending an email to Sanja.Halling@riksarkivet.se
  • Do you not have the possibility to upload your data, send an email to Sanja.Halling@riksarkivet.se with a link to your data and it will be added on oppnadata.se


As a participating government agency, you have the possibility to exhibit your open data and interact with the contestants. This is a good opportunity to get the contestants attention, promote your data and add them to your slack channel. Friday 17.00 -18.00, Saturday afternoon during the Open Space activity and Sunday afternoon after the presentations, are recommended to have the stand staffed since these hours are assigned for mingling in the exhibition area. The space provided is approximetly 1x2m. It is not possible to send anything to the vennu in advance, you bring the props yuo need on friday 15.30. The exibit area is now full.

Participation and Communication

Participating government agencies are requested to have 1-5 representative/s available throughout the 48 hours of the hackathon. They all need to sign up at https://h4sgov.confetti.events/ to be permitted on the permises. Please note that a maximum of 5 representatives are permited to be on site per agency. It is preferred for the representative/s to be available during the entire hackathon, either on-site or via telephone. The purpose is to enable contestants the possibility to ask questions concerning your open data. The social networking service Slack is the tool used for communication during the hackathon. We request that each agency, prior to the hackathon, download the application Slack (www.slack.com).

Saturday Sessions

Saturday the 14th consist of seminars in the morning and open space in the afternoon.

  • 10.00 Annkatrien Debien from the EU comission presents open data from Copernicus
  • 10.30 Finance department workshop
  • 11.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 - 16.00 Open Space

Open space

Open space is a workshop technique based on high level of interaction from the participants. It works as such that a person stands at the agency's exhibition site and talks about a relevant subject, preferably something that is linked to open data and how you work with it at your agency. The topic should be something you are interested in talking about with your fellow agencies. The participants of Open space walk around and listen / participate in the discussion where they find interest and contribute to the discussion. When you are ready with that particular topic, you proceed to the next station. The Open space presentation should not be more than 20 minutes and the presenter starts over when a new crowd has arrived. This means the presentations will be held several times during the Open space session 14.00 -16.00. The Open space session is open for anyone present at Hack for Sweden 2018. This includes both participants of the hackathon and government agency representatives. Do you have a topic to talk about, email info@hackforsweden.se.

Challenge categories

As a participating government agency, If you have been part in the creation of challenges, you need to submit your challenge to caroline.ekstrandh@arbetsformedlingen.se as soon as possible. Each week we will announce the challenges of one new category, if you have not submitted your challenge by then it will not be included. For now, it's enough if you submit only the initial pitch and not the entire challenge. Yous should announce which one of you to present the challeneges on stage Friday the 13/4. This will be done as an interview with our moderator.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct represent the basic social ingredients, shared values and “common sense” that hold our project and its community together.

Our community consists of public sector (over 30 government agencies), private sector, civil society organizations, academia, and individuals. This Code of Conduct reflects the agreed standards of behavior for our community, which acts accordingly to these standards and will defend them for the benefit of Hack for Sweden.

We reserve the right to suspend participation in the competition Hack For Sweden. Attendees violating our rules may be asked to leave the event. To report a complaint, write to madeleine.serenhov[at]openhack.io clarifying what/who violates the code and why.

Shared standards reflecting both your creations and your actions:

  • Be moral, ethical and legal
    Dishonesty and harassment are intolerable. No real or implied violence, intimidation, oppression, stalking, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other activities will be allowed.

  • Be respectful and nice
    We expect members of this competition to be courteous, respectful and polite to fellow hackers. No offensive comments related to gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion will be tolerated. This also applies for any services/applications in the competition.

  • Be clear and truthful
    Everyone in this competition should feel welcome, regardless of their background. All communication should be appropriate for a professional audience. Behave accordingly.