This is a condensed version of the rule book. The complete rules can be found here Rule Book Hack for Sweden 2017 updated 2017-01-17.

Needs and challenges

Government agencies need to raise awareness and show the value of their open data.

The challenge for contestants is to make use of open data from government agencies (possibly combined with other data sources) in new solutions that create increased value in the society. A solution can comprise of a working technical solution, a prototype or a concept.


The challenge for the government agencies is to spread and practically show the value with their open data. The challenges are described on


Data sources

The data source available for use are listed on Every data source has a description as to what it contains and its eventual terms of use. Other data sources may be used but qualification to the competition requires that data from at least one of the listed data sources is included. The process of making new data accessible is continuous, thus new data may be appended up to the start of the competition. Any new data will be updated on the web site.


Categories and prizes

The Hack for Sweden Award will be given to the team that combines data in a creative way and creates the most innovative application or service that clearly shows the possibilities with open data from government agencies. The use of data from more than one government agencies will be valued particularly highly.

Other prizes that will be awarded include the  categories:  Best visualization/data analysis, Best benefit for the public, Best IoT solution and finally the Participants’ Choice. The same entry can only be awarded with one prize, with the exception of Participants’ choice category.

Best visualization/data analysis

”With the help of data illustrate a complex reality in a new way that is easy to understand.”

Best IoT solution

New technologies can address the ever evolving societal challenges that we face today. Internet of Things and the data that is generated through sensors and other devices is and will be an important factor/enabler of this new category. The prize will be awarded to ”the best showcased innovative use
of IoT that brings us a step closer to the solution of a defined societal challenge.”

Best benefit for the public

”Create a benefit for the public and drive social development in a sustainable direction.”

Participants’ Choice Award

Contestants will vote for the best team or solution participating in the competition.

Jury’s prize

Can be awarded if the jury deems fit.


Who can participate

The contest is free of charge and open for everyone. One can participate as an individual or in a team. Every team is allowed to be a maximum of 4 persons. Individuals can only participate in one team.
Employees from participating government agencies and organizations can take part in the Hack for Sweden. Teams comprising of participants who are employed at any of the participating government agencies and organizations can partake in Hack for Sweden but not compete. To be able to compete,
these representatives shall not use data from their own government agencies. This may be subject to exception.
Contestants may apply for travel grants should they need to travel over 200km (roundtrip and within Sweden) to participate to the event. The costs must be substantiated and the grants will be paid retrospectively. Application for travel grants must be sent for approval to no later than one week following the end of the competition.


Registration for Hack for Sweden

Every team and individual must register by filling in the form at The number of places to the Hack for Sweden competition are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


The mission during Hack for Sweden 2017

To be judged by the jury and participate in the competition, one has to follow the competition rules and create a solution that meets the following criteria:

-Use at least one of the given data sources stated in

-During the competition weekend upload your entry (for example by uploading a powerpoint, photo, video, link, code etc) to the location which will be announced during the competition


The submitted entries will be judged on the following criteria

-Formulation of the entry

-Entry’s creativity and originality

-Implementation (technical design, usability, design and presentation)

-Meet some of the challenges listed


The contestant’s rights

The ideas, prototypes, services and other materials produced during the event are owned by the authors themselves. Hack for Sweden reserves the right to describe entries in public and present them on, in the social media which are linked to Hack for Sweden and all the participating agencies and organizations’ websites and other communication and marketing channels.


What each team can win

A winner in each category will be appointed.

Winners of Hack for Sweden Award

The participants in the winning team are given the opportunity to participate in a relevant conference at a value of SEK 10 000 per participant including any travel and accommodation costs.

Winners of the other categories

Winners in the categories Best visualization / data analysis, IoT Best Solution, Best benefit of the public, Participants’ Choice and Jury Prize will each win an Arduino starter kit including LCD display, sensors and other components needed to get started with Arduino.

A prize cannot be transferred, or wholly or partially exchanged for cash or other consideration in accordance with these rules. Costs and expenses in connection with the Hack for Sweden prize has to be invoiced / paid by Hack for Sweden no later than August 31, 2017. Participation means that each participant waives second claim, than the competition win. Any tax will be paid by the winners.