Hack for Sweden Award
The Hack for Sweden Award goes to the team that best combines data in a creative way and creates the most innovative solution or service that clearly demonstrates the benefits of open government data. The use of data from multiple agencies is valued particularly high.
The team members win the opportunity to participate in an optional, relevant to the subject, meeting at a value of SEK 10 000 per person including travel and accommodation costs. In addition, the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) offers the winners of Hack for Sweden Award, four exhibition tickets at the Internet Days on 20-21 November 2017 which will take place at Stockholm Waterfront.


Special prizes
There are also prizes given in five separate categories. Winners in these categories will receive a Arduino starter kit including LCD display, sensors and other components needed to get started with Arduino. A team can only win one prize with the exception of the participants’ prize. Prizes go to the solution or concept that:


Best Visualization / Data Analysis: Illustrate a complex reality in an innovative and easy to understand way using data.

Best IoT solution: Shows how IoT in an innovative way can help to get one step closer to a solution to a pronounced social challenge.

The Best Benefit to the Public: Creates a value to the public leading community development in a sustainable direction.

Participants’ prize: All the teams decide which solution they think is best.

Jury prize: The jury prize may be allocated if necessary.


A prize cannot be transferred, or wholly or partially exchanged for cash or other payment in accordance with these rules. Costs and expenses in connection with the prize will be paid by Hack for Sweden by 31 August 2017.

By participating in Hack for Sweden each participant agrees to abstain from any other prize or compensation other than the ones stated above. Any tax in regards to the prizes are paid by the winners. Winners will be announced on the competition day at the competition venue. Their contributions will then be published on www.hackforsweden.se and also in the organizing authorities other channels.