Welcome to Hack for Sweden 2017 !

Updated: 9th March 2017

This following practical information for the competitors may be subject to changes until the start of the event. We will inform the registered contact persons should that be the case.

Registed users who wish to be listed in an open list : http://hackforsweden.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Deltagare-open-list9March.pdf .



Registration takes place on Saturday between the hours of 08:30 to 9:30 in Kista Nod. You will get a name tag with your name and team name. It serves as a ticket for food and entry and must be worn throughout the weekend.

T-shirt and Raspberry Pi is awarded when you are registered. You will also be assigned an area where your team can work in.



We will provide wireless network connections. Login and password are announced on the spot. There is also limited outlets to access the wired network and DHCP addresses. Teams that are working on IoT projects and who need the wired network without NAT priority will be prioritized.


The premises

There are rooms of varying sizes but more than half of you will have to share room with other teams. Upon registration, each team will be informed about which room to use. A more detailed map of the premises (based on http://dsv.su.se/utbildning/studieinformation/lokalerna-i-nod) will be issued when you arrive.

The rooms are equipped with whiteboard. Toilets are available on level 2 where the team rooms are but also on level 0, where the Aula Nod auditorium and restaurant are.

We are unfortunately unable to provide possibility for shower.

As for sleeping and rest facilities we will be appointing two halls (gender split) for the purpose and they will be on level 2. There are no beds but please bring your own sleeping bags/pillows. We will inform the security company that it will be these two allocated halls where people will be sleeping.


Support Desk

Feel free to ask us questions! Many of the data experts from the participating government agencies will be there on Saturday 11/3 until 4pm.

We will have a support desk near the entrance on level 2. You can also access the limited post-its patches, pens and water.

Everyone will get an invitation to SLACK which is a tool for online chat. You can use http://hackforsweden.slack.com/ to chat with other teams or the support desk (channel # h4s2017 support desk).



It is essential that you wear your name tag at all times. Only pre-registered participants are allowed into the premises.

We will provide the opportunity to enter and exit from Kista Nod 08.30-23.00 (11/3) and 07.00-17.00 (12/3). You may need to call the doorman if there is no one near during opening hours (phone number will be noted on the main door). Entry / exit between level 2 and level 0 follows the same opening hours. This even applies to those who need to smoke since smoking is strictly prohibited indoors.

There will be no lockers so participants will have to be responsible for personal valuables. Note that students from http://dsv.su.se/ (that are not involved in Hack for Sweden) do have access to the premises daily from 07:00 to 00:00.

In the case of emergency and if you are on the second floor, use the main staircase or staircases A,C,D,E. Assembly center in case of evacuation will be outside Entrance 1 (which you reach by passing the D lift on the level 0). Defibrillators is available near the support desk. First aid kits are available near the printers located on level 2.


Food and alcohol

There are participants who are allergic  to nuts  so please do not ANY nuts to the event.

All food except for late-night meal will be served in the restaurant on level 0. On the evening of 11/3, the night food and drinks will be located near the support desk. It is not allowed to drink or eat in the rooms you are working in. Food can only be consumed in the lunch room on the 2nd floor where there is sufficient waste separation containers.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted on the premises.


Communication and Film

The presentations are filmed and streamed live will be used for communication about Hack for Sweden. Your participation in this event means that you allow photography, filming, storage and dissemination of material on the Internet.

During Hack for Sweden we will be using the tag # hack4swe. Hack for Sweden Facebook and Twitter will constantly be updated with news over the weekend. Pictures will also be taken during the weekend. Filmed interviews and Sunday’s presentations will be filmed and posted on YouTube. The films will also be found on the Hack for Sweden website.


The program for the event

Saturday, 11th March

08:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Opening speech, inspirational speeches and practical information (in Aula Nod auditorium) (In Swedish except for practical information)

11.00 Start of competition

12:00 Lunch in the restaurant

15.30 Refreshments and coffee in the restaurant

18:30 Dinner & mingle in the restaurant

23:00 Night snacks (on the 2nd level)


Sunday, 12th March

07:00 Breakfast in the restaurant

09:00 Competition entries should be registered in hackforsweden.se . Start of voting of Participants’ prize

The jury reviews the entries including the short film clips

10:30 Finalists will be announced (we will inform in the morning if there will be a demonstration from the government agencies experiment workshop. This will in that case be held before the finalists’ presentations)

NB:  Teams that are chosen as finalists and who will get to present in the Aula Nod Auditorium will get a SMS message  and must proceed to the auditorium as soon as possible. Seats near the stage will be reserved for the finalists.

11:00 Presentation of the finalists’ entries in the Aula Nod

12:00 Lunch & mingle in the restaurant

13:30 The awards ceremony

At 14:00 Photographing and interview with the winning teams

Mingle with refreshments outside Aula Node


End of Hack for Sweden


Description of entries

The competition entry must be entered on an online form latest by Sunday, 12/03 at 09.00am. The link to the form will be notified on Saturday.

Your descriptions incl. the names of the team members will be posted publicly on our website.


Video clip – Presentations
Since there are many who participate this year, it is not possible for all teams to present on the stage.

All the teams will need to create a film clip of a maximum of 2 minutes. The movie can be created using your phone or with programs such as Screencast-o-matic.

The video clip should clearly explain your result accomplished so far. This together with your text description that will be filled in a google form (the link to the final version will be informed on 11/3) will help the jury decide on the finalists that will get to present live on the stage. This will even be viewed by participants (including government agencies on site) to vote for the Participants’ Prize.

To have some inspiration as to what should be included in your video clip, you could take a look at last year’s stage presentation that was about 2,5 min/team, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc8qbdCUxwU&list=PLR0djR4QSCA1aI-Ji8r_5ClXfRtTC5yXG&index=6

The google form will contain information similar to last year’s input, see http://hackforsweden.se/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/T%C3%A4vlingsbidragen-2016-.pdf but will be finalized on Saturday.

You will have to upload your video clip onto Youtube.com . You will then specify the link to the youtube clip in the google form.

The organizes will then create a Youtube playlist that will include all the video clips submitted through the google form and distribute it to all for viewing.

It should be clear which team has created the film, both in the file name but also in the actual video.

For file formats compatible with youtube channel see https://support.google.com/youtube/troubleshooter/2888402?hl=en . Please avoid background music in order to prevent problems with uploading to Youtube.


Finalists are invited to present live on stage

The jury will be looking in all entries descriptions and movie clips that you have submitted.

While the jury decides on the finalists, all participants (incl. government agency representatives) can choose to look at the contributions via our home page and vote on the team that should win the Participants Price.

We will announce around 1030am the finalists who will present on the stage.

Presentations made by the finalists will be broadcast live at 1100-1200am.

You who will present on the stage can choose to show the short movie you have already created or present live using the Windows computer that is connected in the auditorium. VGA, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort adapters are available Mini DisplayPort adapters are available if you wish to connect to your own PC.

There will be organizers that will present the teams and arrange the order in which the teams will present.


Award ceremony

The jury will present all the awards including Best visualization / data analysis,

Best IoT solution, the best benefit of the public, Participants’ Choice, Jury Prize (awarded if necessary), and finally the Hack for Sweden Award.


We refer to our website for information about the prizes, see http://hackforsweden.se/prizes/


Contact details

Angela Yong, Project Manager, 073-3808208

Bobo Tideström, Asst. Project Manager, 0727013508