The Swedish Company Registration Office (

Bolagsverket examines, registers and informs to ensure easy entrepreneurial activities and legal security for the trade and the business industry. Bolagsverket coordinates and develops efficient services for enterprises and entrepreneurial activities.

The Swedish Student Aid authority (

CSN is the authority in Sweden that decides on and pay student loans to those studying in Sweden and abroad. Thanks to the possibility of receiving financial support, students in Sweden can study regardless of social, economic or geographical backgrounds.

Egovlab (

eGovlab helps to create the future of inclusive governance in theory and in practice. We apply research framework and methods to portray the impact of IT on the transition towards inclusion, transparency, efficiency and change management.

The Swedish Energy Agency (

We work for a sustainable energy system. We support the development of renewable energy, smart electricity grids as well as vehicles and fuels for the future. Swedish industry has opportunities for growth through the realization of their innovations.

The Public Health Agency (

The Public Health Agency is a national expert authority that works to improve public health. We do this by developing and supporting community efforts to promote health, prevent disease and protect against health threats. Everyone has the right to good healthy.

The Social Security Agency (

We pay money to people in different situations. Our mission is to determine and pay out certain benefits included in the social insurance. We are a national expert authority with knowledge of the consequences of social insurance for the individual and society.

The Swedish Agency For Marine and Water Management (

We work to solve the major environmental problems and to support sustainable management of oceans, lakes and rivers. As an environmental authority, we wish to be a proactive and supportive party in the implementations of environmental policies for the sustainable management of fisheries resources.

Iot Sweden – with Uppsala University (

Our goal is to realize part of the national agenda for the Internet of Things. During 2016, we focus on IoT for innovative community development through partnerships between public organisations, companies and researchers.

National Library of Sweden (

KB, is Sweden’s national library. Since 1661 we have virtually all publications issued in Sweden in our collection and nowadays this also applies to music, both fictional and non-fictional films, radio and television broadcasts and parts of the Swedish web. We store all this material for future generations, regardless of the content and form – nothing gets thrown away. Our collections consist of approximately 18 million items and nearly ten million hours of audio and video. We have everything from manuscripts and books to radio, movies and computer games.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture (

We are the national expert authority on issues concerning agriculture, fisheries and rural development. Food, animals, the environment and climate are issues that concern everyone. We work for a viable agriculture as the foundation of a vibrant and attractive countryside.

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (

MSB is a government agency with the task of developing the public’s ability to prevent and handle accidents and emergencies. When a serious accident or crisis occurs, we give support to those who are responsible to take action. We also work to ensure that the public learns from past events.

The Swedish Police (

Our mission is to reduce crime and increase safety in our society. People should feel safe where they live and move. Close to the citizens, more available and together we work for security, rule of law and democracy.

The Swedish National Heritage Board (

We are the authority responsible for issues concerning cultural heritage and cultural environment. We want all people to think in time and remember that knowledge of our cultural heritage is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

The Swedish National Archives (

In the archives we find the sources of our history and the tools to understand the times we live in. Our archives are from governments and from private companies, organizations and individuals. You are welcome to visit us, the archives are open to all.

The Board for the Progression of Local Government Analysis ( and

We are a nonprofit organisation that aims to support the work of monitoring, comparison and analysis of local governments. We offer an open database Kolada.

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (

SALAR’s mission is to support and contribute to the development of municipalities, county coucils and regions in Sweden. It works as a network for knowledge exchage and co-ordination.

The Swedish National Space Board (

We are the central administrative authority with responsibility for state-funded national and international space activities in terms of research and development. We also work together within international space cooperations.

The Swedish Tax Agency (

We are the administrative authority that tax, register and record inventories. We issue identification cards to persons who are registered in Sweden as well as supervise state assets.

The Swedish Forest Agency (

We are the authority on matters relating to forests. We ensure that the Swedish forest policy is put into practice by those who own and manage forests. The goal is that the forest should be managed in a sustainable way.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (

We develop knowledge of biological natural resources, their management and the sustainable use of them. This is done through education, research and environmental analysis in cooperation with the surrounding society.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (

We strengthen Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises. We do that by creating better conditions for entrepreneurship and attractive regional environment in which businesses develop.

The Swedish Transport Agency (

We work to achieve high availability, high quality, safe and environmentally friendly transport in the rail, air, sea and road. We create rules and oversee their compliance.