Question: What should be included in the registration and do one have to have a finished idea?

Answer: Our position is that in keeping with the spirit of true hackathons, most of the work should be done on site during the competition weekend. Therefore we do not expect that the teams should present a complete solution beforehand. We want to be able to offer support to the teams before the event and therefore wish to know what data sets and which challenge the teams will be working with. This as well as a rough draft of an idea should be stated in the registration. Since our aim is that Hack for Sweden should be a fun, interesting and innovative competition where participants are prepared for interactions with the jury and organisers, we leave considerable room for creativity during the competition weekend. We see registrations more like sketches than something that is written in stone.


Question: Do we have to use the Raspberry to create our  solution?

Answer: No, it is not a requirement but an option for those who want to, such as for those with an IoT idea.


Question: Is it okay to register now and add participants names later?

Answer: Yes, but no later than the 19th of February.


Question: What about sleeping arrangements?

Answer: Information concerning practical details will be given to registered participants in due time. We plan to offer sleeping/resting areas during the hackathon, although there is no guarantee that there will be rooms available for everyone. Sleeping bags/pillows and such should be brought by the participants. There are a number of hotels in Kista (the nearest one is Memory Hotel) unfortunately we can not cover those costs.


Question: One person in our team works at one of the authorities behind Hack for Sweden, does that mean that we can not participate?

Answer: The rules are that teams consisting of participants who are employed at one of the organising authorities may participate in Hack for Sweden but not compete. To participate in the hacathon the team member from one of the authorities backing us may not use their own authority’s data. Exceptions can be made in special cases.


Question: When is Hack for Sweden and where is the venue?

Answer: The hackathon takes place in egovlab/Stockholm University’s premises in Kista during the weekend of March 11-12, 2017 and the registration office will open at 09:00 on the 11th of March. The program will be updated until the start of the event.