To win the Hack for Sweden Award or any of the other categories of the competition you must in a creative and innovative way develop a solution or a concept that clearly demonstrates the benefits of the authorities open data. The categories for 2018 will be announced shortly, until then have a look at the challenges from the edition of Hack for Sweden 2017:

Physical Planning

Sweden needs more housing, both for the young people who are branching out of their parents nest, and for the newly arrived Swedes. How can digital services help Sweden to increase access to housing? For example by simplifying new building projects, locating available homes, or converting existing buildings into housing.

Smarter Environmental Information

The Government has stated that Sweden needs to use its resources – natural, citizens and businesses – in a better way to achieve environmental goals. How can digital services be developed to engage citizens and entrepreneurs for a better environment in everyday life? For example, by making more sustainable decisions, participate in the democratic process and in innovation.

Tourism and Recreation

Sweden’s nature is a resource that can generate more tourists and outdoor practitioners and thereby increase businesses in Sweden. How can digital services, where government data is used, be a part of this? For example, by providing knowledge about attractive places to visit, or make available effective and visible tools to the public that help to plan and prepare for a trip outdoors?

Open Track

Here you can unleash your creativity!