Winners 2017

The Jurys motivations

Hack for Sweden Award

The winner was team Kornknut with the entry Project Skog. The motivation is: Project Skog is an innovative use of open data to change the world for the better. By analyzing data from numerous sources this project can influence authorities and increase citizens insight into what i sactually happening in our country.

Best Visualization

Was given to the team Ingen Gör with the entry Open data in VR. The motivation is: In an age where the physical and digital converge, understanding complex reality will require insights in virtual reality.

Best Benefit to the Public

Was given to team Sverige är stort with the entry Ditt nya hem. The motivation is: Sweden plays an important role in today’s challenges of international unrest. Matching jobs, housing, and access to Swedish classes, are important aspects for newly arrived. By combining public data into an easy to use multilingual solution, Ditt Nya Hem is an example of what can be done to make a difficult task, much easier.

The Jurys Prize

Was given to the team Kompetens och jämlikhet genom tillgång till kunskap with the entry The motivation is: By making knowledge accessible through, the team has explored and documented how difficult and inaccessible it is to access official open data. A solution to facilitate future hackers and creators to develop innovations has been created.

Best Young Hacker

Was given to team Hello World! Team 1 with the entry eller “Vad i hela världen” or “What on earth?!”. The motivation is: The future meets history when the best young hacker succeeds in playfully connecting historical points of interest and other interesting geographical data, with gamified and exploratory experiences. This team sets an example in boldly seeing public government data in new ways and in rapidly turning ideas into engaging reality.

The Participants Prize

Was given to team IT-Gymnasiet Kristianstad with the entry Swift Speed Statistics. This price has no other motivation other than the fact that the entry and the team made an outstanding impression on those present. Well done!


A list of all the entries with links to videos and more are available in the document Tävlingsbidragen i Hack for Sweden 2017 (mostly in Swedish).



Hack for Sweden is a competition where the participants solve societal challenges with the help of open data over the course of 24 intense hours. Hack for Sweden is also a unique collaboration among 30 government agencies and organisations that want to enable the development of new services and products using their official open data.

The target groups for Hack for Sweden are students, developers, data journalists, innovators and entrepreneurs. The competition was first held in March 2014. The next event will take place in 2017 during the weekend of March 11 to 12, in Kista Stockholm.

Hack for Sweden in 2017 is larger than ever before and is supported financially by the government and the Minister for Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi. This year the competition will be held at eGovlabs and Stockholm University’s premises in Kista and there is a new competition category – Best IoT solution.

The challenges for the participants of Hack for Sweden 2017 concern Society Planning, Smarter Environmental Information, Tourism and Recreation as well as an Open Track. A jury will select the winners and the coveted price Hack for Sweden Award is given to the team or the participant who best combines data in a creative way and produces the best and most innovative solution or concept that demonstrates the benefits of open government data. Prices will also be awarded for Best Visualization/Data Analysis, Best Benefit to the Public, Best IoT Solution and The Participants Choice Award. The last date to register was on the 19th of February.



To participate in the Hack for Sweden 2017 you have to register yourself or a team of up to 4 people. All participants receive a Raspberry pi 3 model b, at the entrance before the competition starts. The first 50 who register also get a complementary t-shirt. If you or your team have a long way to travel, it is possible to apply for grants to cover the expenses of the trip. The last date to register was on the 19th of February.

The price for the winners of Hack for Sweden Award is to participate in a conference of choice, provided that the conference has a relevant agenda, at a value of SEK 10 000 per person, including any travel and accommodation costs. Read more about the prices in other categories in the Rule Book.

Below you can find all the information you need to participate in Hack for Sweden. Good luck!

Hack for Swedens jury 2017


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If you are a journalist who wishes to partake during the hackathon, please register via the form.

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