Hack for Sweden is back! This time Norrsken House will open up their doors for our 24 hour long hackathon April 13-15 . Save the date and keep an eye open, more details coming soon!




Registration for Hack for Sweden opens in the end of februari. To make sure not to miss it, register here and you will get notified when it opens https://h4s.confetti.events


Are you a developer and love open data? Would you like to contribute to more data being visible in the national dataportal oppendata.se? Then sign up to the hackathon by Riksarkivet 1-2 February!

Read more at: https://oppnadata.se/2018/01/04/bidra-till-mer-oppna-data-i-den-nationella-dataportalen-hackathon-den-1-2-februari/

To sign up email: vidareutnyttjande@riksarkivet.se no later then 25 januari. Include name, organization, and any food restrictions.



Hack for Sweden is a competition where the participants solve societal challenges with the help of open data over the course of 24 intense hours. Hack for Sweden is also a unique collaboration among 30 government agencies and organisations that want to enable the development of new services and products using their official open data.

The target groups for Hack for Sweden are students, developers, data journalists, innovators and entrepreneurs. The competition was first held in March 2014. The next event will take place in 2018 during the weekend of April 13 to 15, at Norrsken House in Stockholm.

The challenges for the participants of Hack for Sweden 2018 is still to be announced, they will all concern how open data can bring Sweden forward.  A jury will select the winners and the coveted price Hack for Sweden Award is given to the team or the participant who best combines data in a creative way and produces the best and most innovative solution or concept that demonstrates the benefits of open government data. Prices will also be awarded in other categories that soon will be announced.



To participate in the Hack for Sweden 2018 you have to register yourself or a team of up to 4 people. If you or your team have a long way to travel, it is possible to apply for grants to cover the expenses of the trip. The registration will open in the end of February and stay open for a month. There will be several of different categories to compete in and several different challenges to solve, your main tool will be open data.

Below you can find information from last years hackathon, it will be updated for 2018 shortly.

Previous entries

Hack for Sweden was arranged for the first time during year 2014. The competition entries from the previous years 2014, 2015, 2016 can be read here but they are only available in Swedish. Not all the links in the document work since it is not required to have them working for more than 30 days after the end of each Hack for Sweden.

Pressroom & Contacts

Anders Granström , Head of project
Telefon:  010-4863455
E-post: info@hackforsweden.se
#press #partnership #openData  #challenges


Madeleine Serenhov, Project Manager
E-post: madeleine.serenhov@openhack.io
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